Soon Hong Heng Co., Ltd.   Factory and distributor of quality springs and mattresses. We can produce spring and mattress according to customer's requirement. With more than 30 years experience, We have been trusted by our partners over the country. It also exports quality products to customers in many countries. 


     Quality Spring

     Our springs are manufactured with modern processes. With computerized control systems, the rolls of each piece are of standard size and precision support customer needs. Controlled by experienced technicians. Is fast And on time

       For this reason, the Company Received trust from the factory and customers both in and abroad. 




     Quality Mattress

     Manufacturing Quality mattress and distribution by quality and standard. Directly price from the factory. The mattress is divided into several types to accommodate a variety of customers such as Mattress, dorm and apartment , Mattress hotels and resorts , Bed and home And other according to customer requirements.

     Our mattress manufacturing company to produce mattresses wholesale price and mattress design. By format and size Customer need The professional team of quality and expertise in mattress production. With more than 30 years of experience , it is possible to design the mattress exactly the way customers want it. With its modern design and strong materials , the mattress is beautiful. Beautiful pattern Smoothly smooth. 


    Our mattresses are distributed both wholesale and retail. All items are guaranteed. Our factory has gained trust and good response from many customers and partners both at home and abroad.